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The KEMPEROL Roofpatch – 
the quick emergency solution for stopping leaks

The KEMPEROL Roofpatch – KEMPER SYSTEM has developed a roof patch as a quick emergency solution for repairing leaks. The ready-to-use roof patch may be applied directly to leaking and damaged areas to effect reliable repairs.

Rapid sealing in tried-and-tested KEMPEROL quality for cracks in bitumen sheets, PVC roofing sheets, concrete, wood, and metal.

Fast. Reliable. Leak-proof.

  • Fast emergency repairs
  • No odors
  • No priming
  • No solvents
  • Immediately at hand
  • Ready-to-use
  • Easy-to-use
  • No additional tools
  • Clean application
  • No left-over material
  • In tried-and-tested KEMPEROL quality



Step-by-step instructions:
Carefully clean the dry surface, e.g. bitumen or PVC roof sheeting. Take out and put on the gloves..
Use the side and palm of your hand to evenly distribute the material within the aluminium bag. In order to make sure the patch is fully saturated after storage, ensure that the resin has been moved to all corners of the aluminum bag by brushing or sliding hand across the patch before opening the bag.
Carefully pull out the KEMPEROL® 1K-SF Roofpatch. Apply to the area to be repaired, hold tight with one hand and pull the whole roof patch out of the aluminium bag. Smooth the roof patch with your hands to remove inclusions with bubbles and creases. That's it. The surface is rainproof in around 60 minutes.


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